Our first year with Oskar Blue has been fabulous. Oskar was easy to train, and quickly adjusted to our routine. He has a sweet personality and loves to be with us (he lives up to his first name of ’Shadow’, as he follows us loyally, wherever we go.) He loves going out for runs, playing ball and frisbee, and going on long walks in the morning with other furry neighborhood friends. He quickly figured out that car rides lead to fun places where he can play frisbee and go for hikes. He’s been a really fun addition to our family. Everyone loves him—even our cats! We’re so lucky to have found him!

Julia is simply perfect! She is a very loving and social bundle of joy that loves to interact with people and other dogs but her love for children is out of this world and I think we owe that to the Wedin family. This little rascal fills our lives with happiness everyday. Julia’s favorite activities are playing soccer, spending a day at the beach and discovering everything that is out and about. Julia makes the perfect family member. Everyday I fall in love with her all over again. She is definitely the best thing that has come into my life and I am eager to see her grow every step of the way. Mariana

He is an amazingly smart dog. He has a singing voice and sings with us in the morning, he does this when he is so happy to see that we are awake or when we come home. Its so darn cute. Every where we take him we get wonderful comments on his unique coloring, his conformation, and personality. We are taking rally classes. He is the star student in class. You only have to show him two or three times and he gets it. Thanks again .We are so lucky and happy that we stumbled upon your web site. I fell in love with him the moment I saw the photo you sent me . Thanks again, you are a wonderful family to have started such a wonderful dog like our Ollie. Laurie

Smokey is perfect!  He is incredibly smart (learned to get the morning paper in three days and by a few months old could sit, go down, shake and heel on command).  He is friendly, loving, easy going and adaptable.  He's a great walker and is an outstanding companion.  I believe his outstanding nature is due to the loving, playful environment that they started out in at your home.  I've been very appreciative of your support to my questions along the way.  I have and will highly recommend you and Threeheartsaussies to everyone. 

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Niko just turned two years old and he’s our best dog ever! He gets a workout in the park every morning, and loves his people as much..if not more than other dogs. He's all about his pack and mom and dad are definitely that to him! Maybe the fact we take him almost everywhere with us has something to do with that.
Skye has been a bundle of fun!  Skye and the four of us went to Obedience School in February/March and I think she got the best grade! She's very smart and has lots of energy.  After a hard day of fun, she loves to cuddle and get her tummy rubbed.  Each one of us have developed our own relationship with her and she just loves to meet new people!  Thanks again for the great new family member!



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